The North Shore Yarn Crawl 2015 is happening March 12th-15th. Please join us for a self-guided tour of the premier yarn shops north of Boston.

1: Keep up-to-date

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2: Official Shawl of the Crawl

Did you know that there was an official shawl of the 2015 crawl? This beautiful shawl was designed by Thea Colman of Baby Cocktails just for this year's crawl. Please use code crawl30 when purchasing and you'll receive a 30% discount off of the retail price . The discount code will be applicable until the end of the craw Grab it on Ravelry

3: Plan your route

No matter where you stare, there are lots of different ways to explore the shops. Check out our Crawl Map to help you plan your route. The Ravelry Yarn Crawl Group is a great resource to connect with friends on their way to the Crawl. Layout which stores you will go to on which day. Let the fun begin and don't forget your Crawl Passport. Learn why you need a passport.

4: Show your Support

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4: More coming soon...